Handmade Spectacles Dispensing


Handmade Spectacles Dispensing

Glasses are more than just tools to improve vision. They are unique art pieces that demonstrate self-image and class. We source the best handmade glasses from the world: a wide selection of top designs recognised within the industry, prestigious brands acclaimed by celebrities, and exquisite masterpieces made by precious materials, are now available at Berlin Optical. Apart from the refined eyewear items, we have featured lenses with different functionalities that are made to order. Being equipped with advanced instruments, we are able to perform precise fitting measurements and provide personalized dispensing experience:

  • With the pupillometer, we can accurately obtain the far and near pupillary distance of the eyes. Compared to the conventional method, this can overcome the instrumental error arising from the pupillary distance difference between the examiner and the client and obtain a higher accuracy in prescribing pediatric and functional lenses.
  • Utilizing the cutting-edge French Visioffice 2 Digital Dispensing System, it allows three-dimensional measurements of frame parameters, user’s ocular movement data and habit to formulate the optimal settings for individualized lenses. 
  • Specially introduced French laboratory-level machinery and set up a private workshop to perform lens tailoring and installation. This can avoid unnecessary damage of the glasses during delivery, and ensure the finished work meets our high standard. Besides, it only takes as quick as 1 hour for the glasses to be ready. It provides great convenience to the clients who replace the lenses for their current glasses, without having to endure days without glasses.

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Best Optometrist Ever!

I have been trying to look for a pair of excellent glasses for my short-sightedness and old eyes. They needed to be stylish and lightweight. A friend recommended Berlin Optical, and their staff were very patient in helping me find a smart-looking frame that fit my face-shape. Not only that, their eye examination was different from my experiences. They are a lot more detail-oriented and also checked the health of my eyes. They also taught me a lot about taking care of my eyes. I feel a lot more relieved knowing one place that knows what "comprehensive" means.

5/5 Stars

Attentive and Considerate

I was nervous when I was getting used to Ortho-K (OK), because I never tried using contact lenses. To my surprise, getting my Ortho-K was quick and simple. With Jeff's attentiveness and proficiency, the entire process was smooth. Now I am used to wearing my Ortho-K, even that became very quick.