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We provide excellent optometric services since 1983

Our Namesake

Why "Berlin Optical"

We owe our namesake to the German expertise on optical engineering and glasses crafting. "Berlin," the capital of Germany symbolizes engineering superiority and quality.

"Berlin" also fits in our motto "Your Vision is Our Focus," providing excellent care to our customers' eyes and vision related needs.

Comprehensive Eye Examination

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Children Myopia Control and Orthokeratology

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Squint and Amblyopia Assessments and Vision Therapy

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Vision-related Learning Assessments and Training

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Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation

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Handmade Spectacles Dispensing

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Other Assessments

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What people are saying about us

Trusted by more than 70,000 happy clients
5/5 Stars

Best Optometrist Ever!

I have been trying to look for a pair of excellent glasses for my short-sightedness and old eyes. They needed to be stylish and lightweight. A friend recommended Berlin Optical, and their staff were very patient in helping me find a smart-looking frame that fit my face-shape. Not only that, their eye examination was different from my experiences. They are a lot more detail-oriented and also checked the health of my eyes. They also taught me a lot about taking care of my eyes. I feel a lot more relieved knowing one place that knows what "comprehensive" means.

5/5 Stars

Attentive and Considerate

I was nervous when I was getting used to Ortho-K (OK), because I never tried using contact lenses. To my surprise, getting my Ortho-K was quick and simple. With Jeff's attentiveness and proficiency, the entire process was smooth. Now I am used to wearing my Ortho-K, even that became very quick.

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About Us

We Address Matters More Than Just Glasses

At Berlin Optical, our registered optometrists at Central and Causeway Bay provide all kinds of optometry-related services, not limited to basic eye examination, but also advanced eyecare solutions, such as orthokeratology for short-sighted children and adult sports-lovers, comprehensive assessments for strabismus amblyopia, and vision-related learning problems, as well as tailor-made vision therapy programs for individuals and schools.

Jeff Tang
Out of the five senses, vision is the most important

Years of experience

Berlin Optical was established in 1983, providing professional eye-care services in Hong Kong.


Years as a QTS scheme merchant

We were accredited by the Hong Kong Tourism Board for 10 consecutive years.


Satisfied customers

Over our operation, we have gathered over 70,000 happy customers.