Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation

Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluations

Many people choose to wear contact lenses for sports or for personal image. But indeed contact lenses are regarded as medical devices under FDA classifications. It is essential that wearers must go through optometrists’ assessments, as well as studies on their wearing habits and trial lens fitting tests to find out the right contact lenses suitable for wearing. Wearing mal-fitted contact lenses or contact lens misuse can lead to the following adverse effects:

  • Fluctuating vision
  • Discomfort and foreign body sensation
  • Lens insertion and removal difficulty or easily fall off
  • Dry and gritty eyes
  • Corneal injuries and even inflammations 

During contact lens fitting assessments, we will perform the following procedures:

i) Comprehensive eye examination to review the wearer’s wearing habit, refractive power and eye health conditions. 

ii) Put on trial contact lenses and the in-eye lens performance is evaluated, such as lens comfort, position and tightness.

iii) Tutorials on lens insertion and removal, lens handling and wearing precautions.

iv) Follow-up visits for the lens wear and eye health

Apart from ordinary disposable contact lenses, we also prescribe various specialty contact lenses for the following patients’ visual and health needs:

  • Severe short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatisms
  • Reading difficulties due to aging
  • Moderate to severe dry eyes
  • Post-LASIK or SMILE surgery patients with regressed short-sightedness
  • Keratoconus
  • Irregular cornea, corneal scar or corneal transplant patients who cannot correct their vision by ordinary glasses
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I have been trying to look for a pair of excellent glasses for my short-sightedness and old eyes. They needed to be stylish and lightweight. A friend recommended Berlin Optical, and their staff were very patient in helping me find a smart-looking frame that fit my face-shape. Not only that, their eye examination was different from my experiences. They are a lot more detail-oriented and also checked the health of my eyes. They also taught me a lot about taking care of my eyes. I feel a lot more relieved knowing one place that knows what "comprehensive" means.

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I was nervous when I was getting used to Ortho-K (OK), because I never tried using contact lenses. To my surprise, getting my Ortho-K was quick and simple. With Jeff's attentiveness and proficiency, the entire process was smooth. Now I am used to wearing my Ortho-K, even that became very quick.